CONTROL AMS* is a multi-component product that can be custom-formulated and then blended with customer-supplied 8-0-0-9 to provide the customer with his own proprietary adjuvant. The asterisk* means customer versions of CONTROL AMS* can be formulated to provide their desired levels of deposition aid (CONTROLâ„¢) and/or a premium nonionic surfactant system that will fit their particular needs. This mixture of a custom-blended CONTROL AMS* with the customer-supplied 8-0-0-9 provides a custom blend that will provide an all-in-one, customer-branded adjuvant that contains: recommended levels of AMS, a concentrated nonionic surfactant system, and the research-proven deposition aid/drift retardant CONTROL at levels that fit their individual needs. This custom blend can be made on location simply by blending these two products together. The customer then has his own branded adjuvant. This establishes him as a leader in the area and a forward-thinking, progressive supplier of superior products with great value to the farmer.


CONTROL AMS* is soluble in 8-0-0-9 and mixes well.



Concentrated ammonium sulfate, nonionic surfactant blend, CONTROL deposition aid/drift mitigation blend, and formulating aids … 100%



 1.  Always follow pesticide label for best results.

 2. Determine desired use rate of liquid AMS 8-0-0-9. (Dealer wants 8.5 lbs real AMS he uses 2.5gal of 8-0-0-9) He then would mix 2.25 gal 8-0-0-9 and .25 gal of his custom CONTROL AMS*, and he has his branded adjuvant.

 3. Basically you mix CONTROL AMS* with 8-0-0-9 at a predetermined ratio to provide a multi-functional branded product with superior efficacy and value.




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