Bobby Guthrie, Farm Brothers Flying Service

Just started using it this year, good stuff! I put it in every load of Gramoxone now, whether anything is close or not; 3oz/100 gallons. We use Control™ with any pesticide when there is a risk of damage due to drift.


Control’s™ performance improves the efficacy of the pesticide being applied by reducing drift and evaporation. Our company was bought out this year and our new company was already using Control™ and sent us some to try. We keep it in stock now. This year I used Control™ on wheat, rice, corn, cotton, soybeans and also for burn-down. Drift had been a problem in the past.


Mark Hartz, Grand Prairie Dusters Inc.

Control™ is by far the best adjuvant I’ve ever used. With the consistency I get with Control™, I know exactly how close I can get to the buffer zone.


Perry Lowry, Lowry’s Flying Service

I’ve got a little history with Control™. When I flew for another operator in 2008, I used it. When I went out on my own, I used what the chemical companies sent me but this year I decided to get in touch with John. I’ve done my own experiment right next to my air strip, spraying with Gramoxone. One of my customers came by and said “where you stopped spraying, it was a straight line." Hands down, I’ve never seen that before.


I use Control WM™ with Roundup™ on soybeans and corn.  Some farmers really don’t want it in there. In their minds, it’s a drift retardant, and they don’t need it to spray herbicide. They’ve also fallen for the snake oil, seeing products that don’t work, but they haven’t seen the advantages to using Control™. I just feel more secure with Control™.




John Rogers, Farm Brothers Flying Service

Control™ helps me produce a much more even droplet spectrum. This results in fewer "fines" and we all know that they are what cause drift problems. Also, this makes for a more even pattern and much more of the product gets to the target which gives us better control of the pests. Field scouts tell us that we get better kills than other applicators a lot of times and I attribute that to using Control™ in almost every load that goes out. I have even used Control™ in my ground rigs and have seen great results. You can just see the spray "laying down" behind you and you know that all your product is where you want it to be!


I started using Control™ in 2009 and I will never be without it again! I use Control WM™ on rice, wheat, soybeans, cotton, corn and milo. We use it on every crop we spray. We never really had off-target drift problems before, but Control™ sure makes it easier to get sensitive jobs done and I am a lot more comfortable spraying closer to other crops knowing that I have Control™ in each load. Before I started using Control™ we used to get a lot more chemical on the windshield and the airplane but that has greatly decreased since we started using it.


Tony Martinez, Tony's Aerial Spraying

I know how well Control™ works. When I first saw the data from a study that was done nearby several years ago, I knew right then that I was going to use Control™. It works well with my plane.  And like anything else, when you have something that works well, there is no need to look anywhere else.


Rick Green, Ritel Copter

Control™ is great.  First, it is inexpensive. Second, it works. And third, it is easy to carry around. In the helicopter business, that is especially important as space is worth a lot to you.

Ryan Lihs, Redline Aviation

Control™ is a great product. I don’t worry about off-target drift. The research studies done on Control™ are a reflection of the product. Every load that I have goes out with Control™ in it. It’s like insurance, where you have confidence that the spray is going to land where it should. Even when applying fertilizer, Control™ prevents the fertilizer from hanging in the air. My windshield stays clean too. Great product, and John is an honest guy.


Cary Rucker, Rucker Flying Service

I don't spray any herbicide without Control™.


Andre Fruge, Gulf Coast Air

Been using Control™ at least five years. My competitor first told us about it. It’s kind of expensive and he wanted to split a pallet. I use it with everything except fungicide at a 10-gallon rate; all herbicides; any insecticide with drift concern. Sometimes when I’m out early with other products, I turn and look back can see material in the air with the sun in the background. Not with Control. It’s settling.


End of this season, I ran out and had to use another polymer. Don’t like it as much. When Control™ is in the circulation vat, you know it’s there. I’m not starting next year without it. I want Control™ in the warehouse. It’s a security blanket, as far as I’m concerned.

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